Börner GmbH

Photograph of an old drugstore where they sold products of Börner
Photograph of the founder Mr. Börner

As a typical post-war entrepreneur with far-sightedness and the courage to take a risk, Hermann F. Börner, the owner of a pharmacy and cosmetic salon, founded a factory in Berlin on April 12, 1947, to manufacture and sell pharmaceutical preparations and cosmetic products.

In doing so, Hermann F. Börner always combined his knowledge of the healing power of nature, his pioneering spirit and his pronounced appreciation of quality.

Picture of a first garlic-product

As early as 1954, Börner became a pioneer in a development that shaped the entire pharma market of today: thanks to his own research, he was able to develop a garlic extract and offer it in capsules which from then on replaced his successful garlic drops. Even back then, the idea was in line with our current desire for convenience.

One of the Sanhelios promotion busses

A further innovation continued the capsules’ road to success: in 1968, natural remedy preparations were wrapped as soft gelatine capsules in blister strips for the first time by Börner - which is now standard practice for medications.

Acquisition by the medium-sized family company roha arzneimittel GmbH, Bremen 2007

This traditional enterprise located in Bremen was founded in 1919 by Walter Bühner and Paul Berghöfer with a clear concept of combining active substances from nature with the most modern methods of high quality preparations. As a company with a long tradition, roha arzneimittel manufactures at its own plant in Bremen: from research to the procurement of raw materials, from the first working step through to quality control and the delivery of the finished products.

With Andreas P. Berghöfer and Johannes Berghöfer, the third generation of the owner’s family takes on the management of roha arzneimittel GmbH in 2013. “By combining nature and technology, strengthening our site and maintaining certified manufacturing, we, as a Hanseatic family business, ensure the supply of natural remedies and health products at the highest pharmaceutical level.”
Andeas P. Berghöfer, Managing Director