Made in Bremen/Germany

"Made in Germany" - a label with iconic status that has developed enormous international appeal for decades. For products from almost all sectors, Germany as the country of origin is regarded as a guarantee of the highest quality and innovation - a leading position which roha continues to uphold in the pharmaceutical sector. Impetus for the pharmaceutical market has originated from the Bremen-Oberneuland location for decades.

An aerial photograph of the roha company premises in Bremen-Oberneuland, looking in a south-easterly direction

Everything from one source...

The principle of "everything from one source" has been alive here right from the outset: working by hand still plays an important role at roha when working with high-tech automation; mainly in the numerous levels of control that each roha product undergoes - essential when it comes to consistently high quality.

...all from one company

In addition, roha continues to rely on holistic local production: from the raw material provided to the finished product. A complete value chain in-house, which roha also makes available to other producers in whole or in part. "German Quality - made in Bremen" - a brand with excellent references, for example:

  • GMP certification
  • AEO-F certification
  • Wholesale approval
  • Training Quality – Bremen Chamber of Commerce
  • Certification of the Bremen Senator for the Environment as company caring for the protection of the environment
  • Belland-Vision CO2 certificate
  • Gold and silver medal in the national competition "Industry and Crafts in Urban Planning"
  • IFS Food V 6.1 certification


AEO-F Certificate



GMP certificate

On request we provide you with the complete GMP document.

certification IFS Food Safety
Certification as company caring for the protection of the environment
EU bio certificate



manufacturing permit