New: beecraft. Just bee natural.

Rediscover one of the world's oldest remedies.

Bekunis in the evening – relief in the morning.

A comprehensive choice for digestive problems.

Bakanasan – Nature at its best.

Natural health products at the highest pharmaceutical level.

Sanhelios – Natural assistance.

A variety of natural solutions to health problems for over 60 years.

Manufacturing for your private label

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Welcome to roha arzneimittel GmbH

Placing value on health while appreciating nature: under this thoroughly modern motto we have been offering brand preparations to help people to live healthier, more energetic and more powerful lives since 1919. By combining traditional medicine and innovative research, we create products that are marked by verifiable quality in all respects - and that thus lead to excellent results. The "Made in Germany" focus on herbal pharmaceutics forms the healthy basis for long-term, naturally growing success – worldwide.


Man is a part of nature, not something contrasted with nature.

(Bertrand Russell, 1872-1970)



„For three generations, our company has developed in the same way as our brands: on a natural basis and with a lot of personal investment.”

Our brands

"Our products evolve in the same way as our brands: with a lot of know-how and great personal commitment."

Contract Manufacturing

" ‘Success means having exactly the capabilities which are required at any given moment’ – true to the words of Henry Ford, we have an entire service spectrum ready to support you."


„From testing the raw materials for the first time to the final review of the packaging: we ensure only the highest quality during production. Anything else would not be enough for us – or for our customers.” 

Logistics Services

"However varied the demands on our global logistics operation, what ultimately matters is achieving total customer satisfaction in the shortest possible time. This is what we do."

Where to buy

If you wish to buy one of our products, please directly contact the local distributor in your country.

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